noviembre 22, 2010

A good idea for next COP16 in Cancun Mexico


In the last international meeting to solve the climate crisis (UNFCCC) in Copenhague, Goverments were not able to find a solution, and I think I could give some idea for discussion, maybe it is not perfect but is an option.

I would like you to consider this in order that it have some interesting points that could help to development of the countries in America and Africa. If this idea is consider it could give some extra help to upgrading and expanding energy infrastructure.

All this I´m telling you is just a personal effort, I´m not in any organization or politics.

I was so disapointed because presidents and representatives are waiting for the USA and China solution, and some times that is not the best, not now that we need include all the countries in the world to get a better environment future.

President of Mexico Felipe Calderon has a copy of this idea and also some of the secretaries, people in the UN and EU, GreenPeace, The Climate Group and ONE . It could be a good idea if someone can give it voice and support in the COP16.

Please help me to put this letter in the right hands, I mean, in the e-mail or documents of the people who will be in Cancun for COP16 in some weeks.

Probably in yours actually.

Best Regards

The Idea:


BASICS: Each country has its own industry development and international commerce and in this proportion involves and generates contaminants agents (fabrics, transportation, planes, packaging, CO2, etc. Until now the process to get financing is a merchant process, my proposal is turn this and use the international importations in order to generate the financing.

The “Fondo Verde” mentioned by Felipe Calderon president of México, could easily be integrated with the 0.4% -negotiable- of each country importations. This percentage can be adjusted to reach the 140 thousand million dollars per year or the goal established to stop the Climatic Change.

This contribution could be a tax paid in frontier commerce offices to be sent to the Fondo Verde, or paid by governments each year.

Extending this to ALL countries become fair. For example China and USA, with the biggest industries (and more contaminants), necessarily have to give a bigger contribution, and African or smaller countries with smaller industries (and less contaminants) would contribute with a lower amount.

To this I would add contributions of developed nations needed for the historic contamination caused to get its actual industries.


0.4 % of World importations + developed countries contributions = FONDO VERDE


The goal is stop Climatic Change and help less developed countries to fight against it, reduce the damage caused, and get a sustainable future.

According to this my proposal is make distribution based on the geographic area, not economy factor. A big country is affected in a bigger way and need a bigger percentage of the Fondo Verde to invest in technology and green projects. A small country has a small area where apply this help.

The idea is to sum up the geographic area of each country and calculate the world total area.

Then is easy to get percentage correspondent to each country and use this to obtain the correspondent amounts of the Fondo Verde.

Establishing this percentage, we have the advantage of adaptation because amounts could be variable according to the world economy year by year,

It is important to extend this proposal and get involve to ALL countries in the world because they are all affected. Even African countries in poverty, they would make none contribution but could get their correspondent amount that would be a great help (considering their geographic extension) to support development in generating energy, artificial lakes, reforestation, generation of work opportunities, etc.

Geographic area of all countries = 100%
N= A country

(Geographic Percentage of N ) (Total Amount in Fondo Verde) = Amount assigned to N



My proposal is establish the donation of the correspondent amount of developed countries in order to add this to Fondo Verde for distribution. And do this in the first 15 years as an extra effort to contain the damage caused and stop Climatic Change.


I think China must admit the recent development of its industry (and contamination), numbers are clear and don’t lie.

We know this country doesn’t have the historic contamination of others, but world can not wait for it and then act. It could be treated as a third world nation 5 years, compromising to reduce CO2 emissions to the minimal levels, letting supervisions and then, assume responsibility as a developed country to make correspondent donation next 10 years. All this is negotiable.


Society needs to be educated in making conscience about environment subjects including people and industries. The contribution proposed could be considered as an “energetic cost”, added to the price of any product. If everybody contaminate, is our responsability to help to with the solution.

I think that if industries –export by first- could get the contribution or cost back in some way with the clean energetic and emissions containing projects, participation and interest will be generated immediately.


Countries who refuse to participate in the agreement for any reason would mean to refuse their amount percentage of the Fondo Verde. Probably this would move China and other big countries to participate.

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